David Merrick is the Coolest Guy in Oregon

coolest guy in oregon
You're looking at the coolest guy in Oregon

But David, how do you know you're the coolest guy in Oregon?

Because Google says so. And Google is never wrong. Period.

Before you start thinking I'm conceited, let me tell you what this site is really about. I wanted to rank a website for my first SEO project. I recognized an opportunity for both experimentation and shameless self promotion, but "Coolest Guy on the Planet" and other similar terms were very competitive so I decided to roll with Coolest Guy in Oregon as the phrase to rank for.

It's really not hard to do this, and I'll be very transparent about the timeframe and the whole process.

I realize it's not that competitive of a term, but it's my first time so I want to test things out.

I've included several links in my Resources page to courses and information that has been very valuable to me in learning this.

I've also started a Blog to chart my progress in ranking for this term.

Here's the process:

  1. Pick your Keywords
  2. Optimize On-Page
  3. Optimize Off-Page
    1. Get links from other relevant sites
    2. Submit your site to Google
    3. Make a sitemap and submit it to Google
    4. Tell related sites about your site
    5. Get your site in directories

This site is very basic, just HTML and no stylesheets or javascript. I want to distill the basic and important elements of SEO for both myself and anyone else reading this. For this reason, the site is 100% white hat and I'll be 100% transparent about how I'm ranking for it. It'll be a learning experience for myself as well as for you, the reader.

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